D.J. Brandon

Children’s Book Author

Writing Stories With Heart
For Children Of All Ages

D.J. Brandon is a children’s book author, and former nurse, with years of experience working with children in a variety of health care and educational settings. Currently writing elementary and middle grade fiction, D.J. Brandon enjoys sharing her stories, her craft and her journey with her readers and aspiring young writers.

DJ Brandon

“Books are safe places where children can go to stretch their imaginations, confront their fears, expand their horizons. They are places where children can openly laugh, and freely cry; places where they can listen for a heartbeat that sounds like their own.”

D.J. Brandon

Excerpt from Blog “Forget-Me-Not”; Read More

Middle Grade (grades 5 – 8)

Tell Me Why The Jack Pine Grows

Now Available!

Chapter Books (age 7-10)

The Legend of Graveyard Gruber
Mystery At Cate's Creek
The Firehouse Phantom

School & Library Visits


I welcome the opportunity to visit your school or library and meet with you and your students.

In small group settings, we’ll discuss the origins of stories, the craft of writing and my own journey as an author with programs for preschool through middle school. Check out the “Visits” page to learn more.