About Me

D.J. Brandon

As a former nurse who spent countless hours working in a variety of child healthcare settings, from hospitals to physician offices to schools, I have always cared deeply about the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of children. I have mended, nurtured, taught. I have laughed, and cried, with children and parents alike.

When it finally came time to step away from long, stressful hours as a healthcare professional, I knew I’d find no better place to speak to the hearts of children than on the pages of a book. So here I am, writing stories of discovery and adventure; stories of heartbreak and healing and hope for all of the children I’ve cared for so deeply.

When I’m not writing, you might find me walking in nature with my husband, struggling through piano lessons (although I love them, I seriously should have pursued them much earlier in life), enjoying breakfast or a “chai chat” with friends, reading a book (dark chocolate in hand), or spending precious time with my grown children or five grandkids.