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Buffalo Library DJ Brandon
Judy Bradbury Blog Post-1-17-24

“My special thanks to friend, fellow Children’s Book Author, and Literacy Specialist, Judy Bradbury for the in-depth article and interview on her Children’s Book Corner blog this month (January 2024), featuring Tell Me Why the Jack Pine Grows.”

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How Characters Control The Narrative

“Readers often believe that authors choose the stories they will write and then take the ‘driver’s seat,’ in full control of the narrative as it moves forward. But that isn’t always so. Sometimes, it happens like this: A fictional character approaches and lightly taps your shoulder. You’re thinking of sending her away….”

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Rochester Childrens Book Festival 2023

Signing in as a volunteer at the Rochester Children’s Book Festival November 2023.
It was an amazing day at this bustling event!

“Meet The Author and Illustrator”

Buffalo, NY @ Alice, Ever After Books

“Part of the magic of visiting a bookstore is getting a chance to meet real authors! Deb (D.J. Brandon) brought that magic to our shop when she visited. Our whole audience was drawn to her story as she read, and they were overjoyed to get their books signed!”

Megan Howe, Owner, Alice, Ever After Books

Alice, Ever After Books Event
Alice, Ever After Books Event

D.J. Brandon at Alice, Ever After Books, along with Graveyard Gruber illustrator, Jessica Gadra.